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Nannie Starrison's Planet

Living A Life, Legally.

Nannie Starrison
28 November
External Services:
  • starrynite45@livejournal.com
  • starrynite45@gmail.com
I'm Nannie, 19, from Thailand. Senior in law at R.U. University, Bangkok, Thailand. Most of my interests i have listed in my interest box. Actually I use Xanga (Starrynite45 @ Xanga) for blogging.

I'm really new to LJ that i can't even find where's comment box! I wish to have friends here so soon. In fact, Dramione was the first reason i registered here :) I really like Mystik's LJ so much and most Draco & Hermione graphics in my Xanga's site goes to her :)

plz...go check out my Xanga site too :) coz i'm still editing on here!